What I learned about outbreaks from surviving a pandemic

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More than a quarter think alien societies would resemble human ones — but they’re wrong about UFO visitations

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We need to change how our economy is powered — and that will require politics

Climate change plays a role, but the power outages are chiefly the result of mismanagement — the kind we can no longer afford

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End Times

As the clock ticks toward the end times, it’s easy to lose faith in humanity’s ability to endure. But we can’t give up.

Illustration: Jon Han


In an effort to speed up the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, some researchers are sending messages into the cosmos. We may not like the answer.

Illustration: Jon Han

End Times

The development of artificial general intelligence offers tremendous benefits and terrible risks

Illustration: Jon Han

End Times

New technologies like gene editing could vastly improve human life. They also just might end it.

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End Times

Species are going extinct and the climate is warming rapidly — yet at least materially, humans are doing better than ever. Welcome to the environmentalist’s paradox.

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End Times

Seventy-four years after the end of World War II, we’re still living with the existential risk of nuclear holocaust — and it all began on a patch of desert called the Trinity Site

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Bryan Walsh

Journalist, author, dad. Former TIME magazine editor and foreign correspondent. Author of END TIMES, a book about existential risk and the end of the world.

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